Detroit Board of Police Commissioner Willie Bell has announced his run for Michigan State House District 2 Representative in the August 7, 2018, Democratic Primary. Commissioner Bell is serving his second term in office having been elected to the District 4 seat in 2013 and 2017.

A candidate for this House seat in 2016, Commissioner Bell decided to run again because he believes many of the issues important to district residents have not been effectively addressed.  “District 2 is somewhat unique in that it includes a part of Detroit along with Grosse Pointe Park, City, and Farms. Because of both the reality and the perceptions surrounding these different though adjacent parts of Wayne County, I believe that our district representative has to be able to walk both sides of Alter Road and to hear all sides of the questions at hand.”

“Implementing common sense gun control laws, improving our schools, ensuring that all of our citizens have access to adequate physical and mental health services and restoring our roads impact every District 2 resident, no matter where they live. In addition, there are issues specific to Detroit such as reforming insurance rates and supporting infrastructure requests to MDOT by the Grosse Pointe School District for Safe Routes to Schools funding that require attention.”

“As I walk throughout District 2 over the next several months, I look forward to hearing additional constituent concerns and to debating the other candidates in the race about solutions to those issues. District 2, Michigan and the nation all face major challenges that will only be resolved by working together across
party and community lines. My hand will always be open to anyone who is willing to work with me.”

​DBPC Bell Announces Run 

for State House District 2 


Primary Day

    August 7, 2018

Willie Bell on the campaign trail in Detroit.

Willie Bell

Michigan House District 2